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For years, Alexandra Nicole of City Chic Living has been providing the best tips for small businesses based on her experience as a a full time digital entrepreneur. With her permission, we’re sharing an article she has written previously for her top 3 tips for keeping it professional when running your own small business. 

Business Line and Voicemail

We’ve said it before, and Alexandra was clearly listening, because she recognized the importance of creating separation between work and personal, to step up your professional game. Keeping your personal and business phone lines separate can not only help you balance your commitments, but it will also enable you to have a customized voicemail message just for your business. If you want some additional suggestions for setting up the perfect voicemail greeting, she’s got you covered here too!

Customized Business Cards

I know what you’re going to ask. Do people even use business cards anymore? Well Alexandra does and I must say I think it’s a great recommendation to help set yourself apart from your competitors. The options for business cards today have also changed a lot since maybe you considered them last and you should think of them as a direct representation of your brand. Custom colours, materials and textures can help you differentiate yourself from the rest and leave a lasting impression for your potential customers.

Build an Email List

Have you been made hyper-aware of how social media algorithms may have filtered what posts you’re seeing online? That means that from your business’s point of view, the posts you’re sharing may also get filtered away from your audience! Building an email list to reach the customers that are interested in receiving company updates or upcoming sales will be worth your while. You’ll be able to keep your audience informed and engaged without worrying about whether or not an algorithm is stifling your reach.


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    • Help I am old and don’t understand everything please help T
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      • Hey there! Our live chat support team would love to help you out. Just head over to between 10am-5:30pm EST and tap on the purple chat icon on the bottom right. From there, you will be greeted by a chat bot. During the hours mentioned here, the chat bot will give you the option to “get in touch.” Tapping on that will direct you to a live representative.

  • Really enjoy this app. Never have to pay another phone bill. Quality is real good. Like as if I’m paying for service.

calling and texting