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If there’s one thing we’re really good at, it’s listening to our customers. Between our efforts over the years to improve the service and make it even more affordable for everyone, to fixing bugs and introducing new features, to answering your most frequently asked questions, we are never out of ear’s reach —or should I say, out of our screen’s reach. So to stay true to that, here are some of the questions we’ve seen you ask most recently, and our quick and easy answers:

How can I get verification codes?

You may have noticed that when using your TextNow number to sign up for another site or service, you get a text from us (TextNow) telling you to lock in your number instead. Well, there is the answer! For safety reasons, only TextNow numbers that are locked in (either through our lock in number subscription, Ad-Free+, or our wireless service) can receive verification codes. You can find the upgrade that makes the most sense to you in the “My Store” section of your app’s menu. Just note that Ad-Free Lite won’t lock in your number.

What’s a premium number?

Quite simply put, it’s a number that is a little more attractive than the regular bunch, mostly because it usually has repetitive numbers (eg. 955-5555). This is a great choice for anyone who’d like to have a unique number (perhaps for a business), or something easier to remember. It will also lock in your number, so you can use it to get verification codes! To find this option, open up “My Store” in your app’s menu.

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How can I check if my in-app subscription is active?

If you do end up upgrading to a premium number, a locked in number, or any of our Ad-Free subscriptions and want to check its status, the answers are all available right in your app store. Rather than search for it in the TextNow app (a feature we’re hoping to soon introduce!), open up your app store, and follow the menu to view and manage your subscriptions. iOS users can find more detailed instructions here, while Android users can find them here. From there, you can also easily cancel the subscription if you ever choose to do so.

Is the Nationwide Talk & Text service really free?

It really, really is. It’s ad-supported (so you will see some non intrusive ads on your main screen), which keeps it free for you. Hell, even Reddit could hardly believe its legitimacy.

Can I activate my own SIM card on the Nationwide Talk & Text service?

No, with our recent network changes (with faster, and better coverage!), you can only activate your phone on our reliable network with a one-time purchase of one of our SIM cards ($4.99).

How long does it take to get the SIM card?

While we’d like to uphold to a 2-3 day timeline, SIM cards can take up to 10 business days to be delivered. So sit tight, and if it’s been over 10 business days, please contact our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST, so they can look at the next steps with you!

How can I set up my own voicemail?

In your mobile app’s settings, you can find the “Calling” section, and underneath it, you’ll see a few options, including Voicemail. If you tap on it, you can then either turn it on or off, as well as record a custom greeting to personalize your number a little more.


Can I use my TextNow service outside of the U.S?

If you’re activated on our Nationwide Talk & Text service, unfortunately, you won’t be able to have access to the network outside of the U.S, as we don’t currently support roaming. Otherwise, if you already have the TextNow app and decide to travel, you can certainly keep using your number over WiFi wherever you’re able to connect. And the best part is that your number will still be considered local to your U.S residence, so no fees or long distance charges for calling or texting friends and family back home, nor for them contacting you.


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  • I have a SIM card I purchased through TextNow. Why do I have to use my phone through an app? Why can’t I use my phone just like normal people do through my phone without an app?

    • Because you’re on there services this is not MetroPCS, T-Mobile, cricket,boost mobile,just go to them instead of complaining some people would be grateful

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