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It’s that time of year again, and before you dust off your credit card and practice your parking space scouting skills again, take a moment to consider what the holidays are truly about. Sure, it’s still nice to gift something meaningful to someone you care about, and receive the same gesture in return,  but when it really comes down to it, the holiday season is all about connection.

How does one gift connection, though? It’s really not as hard of a feat as it may sound.

The gift of voice

We all know that common thought: “I just want to hear your voice.” As corny as it may sound, to many people, that really is all they’d like to do, especially after the year (and a bit) of isolation we all experienced. And while you may be thinking that gifting someone the power of calling requires some sort of card, or perhaps even a phone plan, it can really be as simple as signing up for an account.

If they already have some sort of device, such as a tablet, phone, or maybe just a laptop/desktop computer, you can sign them up for a free TextNow account.  Even if they don’t have wireless service on any of those devices and are only using their WiFi, they can still enjoy the freedom of their own phone number that they can use to call any North American number for free. No limitations on minutes, and no hidden costs or fine print. The service is run on ads (non-intrusive), which foot the bill so they can continue talking freely.

And if their communication needs expand further than North America, we also have affordable options for long distance calling. You can gift them app store gift cards, so they can use the balance to purchase the necessary credits needed to complete certain international calls.

The gift of video

If they want more than just to hear your voice, but to actually see your face, there is also the option of video calling: A popular and useful feature that can oftentimes feel cumbersome and more complicated than it should be. Between app incompatibilities, OS incompatibilities, and the sheer time trying to explain to a loved one how to make it work on their end, there are enough reasons as to why they might choose not to even try. Which is why we made it simple.

With their TextNow number, they can video call anyone. They don’t even have to coordinate apps. Just pull up a contact (as long as it’s a mobile number, and not a landline) and tap on the video call icon. That will send a text to the contact with a link to the video call. All they have to do is tap on it, and they’re in!

video call


Even if you do end up gifting them something a little more physical —say, a new phone—you can rest easy knowing that they can easily activate it with our free talk & text service over our reliable network. That way, they can speak freely from anywhere, at anytime, and still stay connected this holiday season.

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  • Je veux retrouver mon TextNow

    • Hey there! For help with your TextNow account, please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST

    • Esta bien

  • Had a # b4 lost password and made new number now not working

    • Hey there! For any issues with your account, please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST

  • I never done it before can you show me step-by-step how to do it if I can if I know how I’m not sure though I’m not a computer expert

    • Hey there! What would you like help with?

  • Can’t believe i can have unlimited talk and text just for 5$ so what about a few adds .. 💯❤️❤️

  • Is it to come or is TextNow not going to tell it’s users about their Data Plans also. I think you could give a small discount off for the user who buys it as a Gift. Maybe offer 3, 6, 9 & 12 Month Unlimited Calling & Text along with Data via WI-FI.

  • Good app to use

  • I love it it’s the best phone number and services thank you much love

  • This is a very good app everybody should have this on your phone

  • Need this very bad for ministry work helping the Homeless here in Hattiesburg MS

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  • A good app

  • Never knew tat something like this was out there I love it!!!!!

  • I forgot my password

    • Hey there! You can reset it by tapping on the “forgot?” link on the main sign-in page.

  • I love this App

  • Love this app

  • Hi my name is Jasmine and l love TextNow l definitely recommend it it help me call my dad when l need to when my phone is off and all l need is internet

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