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If you’re enjoying TextNow on WiFi, did you know that you can use TextNow without WiFi? For free? It’s true! With a TextNow SIM card plus our Nationwide Text & Talk service, you can call and text from anywhere in the U.S, for—you guessed it—free.

But in case you still have questions about our SIM cards, here’s some A’s to our most frequently asked Q’s.

How can I tell if my phone is compatible with TextNow?

Pop in the IMEI number of your phone on our device checker here! Doin’t know how to find it? Follow this easy guide:


Can I get a SIM card delivered to me outside of the U.S?

No, I’m sorry, our SIM cards can only be shipped to addresses in the United States.

Ok, but can I use the SIM to get mobile service outside the U.S?

Our mobile service is strictly U.S only. That said you can use TextNow outside the U.S through WiFi, no SIM card needed!

Hi, I’m Canadian! Do you offer mobile service or SIM cards in Canada?

Believe me, we’d love to, we’re a Canadian company! But unfortunately we don’t service Canada. Sim cards and mobile service are U.S only.

Does my device need to be unlocked?

It sure does. If your device is locked, you’ll need to get the current carrier to unlock it before we can use it.

I’m having trouble activating my SIM!

Check out our support article on how to set up your APN manually here. If you’re still struggling,  head over to our chat and one of our agents will walk you through it. You can access chat via our support pagebetween 10am-5:30pm EST Mon-Sun. Just click/tap the purple chat bubble on the bottom right, ask to speak to an agent, and then click/tap ‘Get in touch’ when prompted to speak to an agent.

Can I put this SIM in another phone/switch phones?

If the phone is compatible, you sure can! Contact our chat for assistance with swapping your phones.

Does this SIM store my photos?

Nope! Your photos are stored on your device.

Where can I get my hands on one?

Great question! You can buy ’em right here!

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