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When we launched Free Nationwide Talk & Text, TextNow became the only company in the US to offer free unlimited phone service on a nationwide cellular network.

Today, our free service is getting even better. We’re moving to an upgraded nationwide network with faster speeds, better coverage, and compatibility with more devices. And there’s still no bill.

Free phone service on a GSM networkOur new network uses GSM SIM cards – the global standard. That means our new network is compatible with 75% of devices in the US. That’s three times more than our old network! There’s a good chance that an unlocked device you have at home will work with our new SIM cards.

You can check if your current device is compatible with our new network on our site. If you need an affordable smartphone, you can purchase one through our online store that comes pre-loaded with our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service.

More good news: the price of our SIM card is dropping to $4.99 – that’s half the price of our previous SIMs! With a one-time purchase, you’re ready to ditch your expensive carrier and start calling and texting for free! You can order a SIM activation kit on our website. We also offer affordable add-ons like data and an ad free experience.

At TextNow, it’s our mission to bring communication to everyone. We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to make our free phone service even better. Moving to a GSM network that’s compatible with most devices is a big step in freeing the flow of conversation and making sure that everyone can stay connected.

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  • I tried to ask about service in Canada as shown on GSM map and haven’t had a reply. Need an extension to call or email reply. Thanks Jeff 613-732-1046

    • Hi, Jeff! I’m sorry but we don’t have mobile service in Canada. We don’t sell or ship SIMs to Canada.

    • Awesome

  • Thank you same to u happy Thanksgiving.

    • I love family so much again we need to remembered that evwrything will be ok

  • Thank y’all and I hope the same for u and ur business to continue growing

  • I had run out of paid service quite a while back and I have to say TextNow has been a lifesaver for me, a godsend if you will once again thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving

  • How do I up grade

  • I am very thanks for your free text and calls it works better than a government phone. Keep up the good work Happy Thanksgiving

  • Yeah

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you also thanks for being there for me.

  • Awesome

  • Need a lil upgrade

  • The TextNow app is truly a blessing!!!!

  • This app will help me to get a job due to me not having another number. Hard tho when lose service when leave wifi so have this unlimited would help me alot

  • Hello!! Happy Thanksgiving I have a big issue with my phone lately I can’t make a phone call to nobody and I can’t answer the my phone when I gets phone calls from the hospital I can’t answer my calls it hangs up and I can’t video half the people I got saved it’ll say it’s not supported it try another call and I have to be able to answer my phone and make calls because I have a sick teenage son so please fix the problem!!! Thankyou!!!

    • Hey Shretha! Sorry to hear that.

      Can you please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance? You’ll find a chat icon on the bottom right hand side, and between those business hours, the chat bot will provide you with a “get in touch” option that when selected, will re-direct you to a live representative.

  • It’s good

  • I need a sim and a phone! Please send me an phone you might be able seeing I’m on public assistance and I’m terminal?

  • I already have the simcard in my device but I m not seeing where I’m connected to this network?

  • Ty very much

  • I like this app very much

  • Thanks text ow for your service I’ve been using it for a while and it’s really good to have a ph service on which I can’t Fford
    .t.y…happy holidays to you all at t.n..thanks

  • Thank you foe the help respectfuly

  • Thank u respectfuly

  • You should have data free as well with a phone plane of maybe 20 bucks for unlimited and you will best Al others

  • I do not know wat I’d do without text now…

  • A lot of times if it wasn’t for TextNow I wouldn’t have no communication on the phone thank you

  • I love everything about TextNow

    • That’s good

  • Good services.Thank you so much.

  • I really do like the phone service it helps me out cuz right now and you can’t afford a phone bill it helps but only thing it is you have to be around the internet to use it but I still like it and I still use it everyday

  • Very choppy cannot hear the person keep cutting off going in and out not good about 2 uninstalled keep giving me different code numbers to login

    • Hey there! Sorry to hear about your troubles. To help with your calling issue (and anything else), please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance.

  • Thank you gir the Thanksgiving letter

  • My textnow only works if I’m around wifi…is there a way to get wifi through the textnow phone service?

  • I thought you said free 4.99 is not free

  • has work for me for some time…

  • If this is a free tall and text why are y’all charging for it.?

  • Thanks

  • Why do yall charge for free talk and text.and free wifi.

  • It’s nicee

  • I couldn’t get straight talk to unlock my phone to use your service. I have the sim card in my phone but I can’t use it..

  • I’m very pleased with your service. . I’m on a fixed income,
    And your service has allowed me to be in touch with loved one’s..
    Happy Holidays to you And yours!!

  • It’s a nice easy way to use it besides it would be nice to have vedio chat anytime and international

  • I ordered a sim card 3 months ago never received it

    • Hey Tanya! We’re very sorry to hear that. Can you please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance?

  • Great

  • Thanks

  • And Wi-Fi is almost as good as getting service for nothing

  • Aww thank you for the letter an for textnow….How do I go about getting the new service..

  • I thank you for the TextNow app I wish that I didn’t have to use WiFi just to use TextNow sometimes its hard to get WiFi if I’m not around any WiFi I have to walk were I get WiFi and I have to walk far just to get WiFi .

  • Idk yet I never really try this before

  • It would be nice for a free month

    • Hey Wallace! Our nationwide talk & text service IS free–for as long as you wish to use it. The only purchase you have to make is for the SIM card, which is a one-time fee of $4.99 so we can ship it to you.

  • Thank You so much!! And Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours 💖

  • I think I paid twice for your little card that goes into the phone name of it when did you open up the phone put the thing in I’m 70 years old so I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m pretty sure I paid twice for this

  • You guys have truly helping me out with I truly don’t have anyone or any phone to use. And I seen you guys on ilne and I love it every sentence. Know l should be think you guys

  • Thank you wish everyone Happy New Years be merry 😁

  • I paid for the free text and call, I never got it.

    • Can you please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance? You’ll find a chat icon on the bottom right hand side, and between those business hours, the chat bot will provide you with a “get in touch” option that when selected, will re-direct you to a live representative.

  • I Love it. It has always been a Great service. I can’t wait to try the updated software

  • Thank You for the update and service it’s amazing that some businesses/businesses still respects hardships and can offer such gratitude and appreciate customers as you’ve given. Thank You and wishing Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

  • I purchased one of those SIM card kits and I never got it

  • I love my whole life people should be happy that they are on this earth and Christmas is coming up and we should love each other like a family this is my thanks to text now for letting me use their free phone numbers sincerely. ?????

  • EBB program available yet?

  • Yes this is good for me I like it I been on this app since I starting to use this app for 10 years now good for texting n for phone calls and all it’s awesome app I love it so assed you my friend so is everyone else out there to yes this app is my life 💕😘🌍🙏🌼🔥🦅🖤💙💛💖🌍

    • Yes I like this app because it’s good for texting n phone’s call’s n all it’s awesome 😎💯

  • I tried to pay it it won’t let me I know I have the money. Could someone please help me buy one?
    Feather McCartney
    po. Box283
    Cleveland utah 84518
    Thank you and happy holidays.

    • Hi, Feather! Your order might not be going through because we’re unable to ship to P.O. boxes. Try reordering using a non-po shipping address.

  • Thank you,I enjoy txt & now,love it.

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