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You may have heard the news that Sprint was recently acquired by another national US carrier. As of right this moment — there has been no change to TextNow’s  wireless service. TextNow’s Free Nationwide Talk & Text plan is still powered by the Nationwide Sprint® Network*.

But changes are afoot!

In 2021, our free cellular phone service will be moving to a faster, GSM LTE network that offers wider coverage across the United States and is compatible with more devices. What does this mean for you? Read on to find out.

For existing customers

Do nothing! There is currently no change our wireless service and your Free Nationwide Talk & Text plan should be operating normally. As we get closer to moving to our new network, we will be in touch to ensure a smooth transition.

For new customers

If you’re interested in signing up for our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service, check if your current device is compatible with our upgraded network by visiting our web page here.

If you would like to check our upgraded network’s coverage in your area and sign up to be notified when early access and new SIM cards are available, please visit our info page here.

After all — what’s better than free cellular phone service with TextNow? Free cellular phone service on a network rated the fastest in the country two years in a row.


*Although TextNow provides its subscribers access to the Nationwide Sprint® Network and to its wireless services, TextNow is responsible to its subscribers for the service. Please call TextNow with any questions or comments about services. Sprint is a registered trademark of Sprint.

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  • Hi isn’t 2G slow I’m currently on 4G Lt

  • how can I get a number back that I locked in without the Google account or order a new sims with the same number

    • Can you please head over to our live chat support on between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance? You’ll find a chat icon on the bottom right hand side, and between those business hours, the chat bot will provide you with a “get in touch” option that when selected, will re-direct you to a live representative.

calling and texting