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For years, TextNow has provided free calling and texting throughout the US and Canada, and even offered international calling to some locations for absolutely $0. Well, we’ve upped the ante yet again and are offering you the ability to call internationally for free to any supported country!

How are we doing it, you might ask? Well it’s quite simple actually. With TextNow’s new Earn Credits feature, you can earn credits to be used towards international calls by simply watching a short ad within the TextNow app’s menu. Any credits earned will immediately be credited to your account balance and be available for use on your next international call. See full instructions below.

Step 1:

TextNow app menu with Earn Credits badge
Open the TextNow app’s menu 

Step 2:

Select the Earn Credits option

Step 3:

Quickbooks ad
Watch a short ad, and maybe learn about a cool service!

Step 4:

Earned Credits applied to your balance
Celebrate your new earned credits with some confetti!


Stop paying for international calls and download TextNow for free today, it’s really that easy!

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