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A secret feature to use TextNow on multiple devices with the same account? What wizardry is this?

We talk a lot here about the affordability and ease of TextNow, but what we don’t talk enough about is one of TextNow’s secret unique features — the ability to use your TextNow account on multiple devices.

You’re probably already aware TextNow can be used on Android and iOS phones, seeing as over 200 million of you have downloaded it. In my experience, people are either Apple or Android users, but rarely both. Which means, most people are unaware you can log into your same account on both!

When you log into the app on your account, your message history, recent conversations and call history (including missed calls!) will be there.

The secret TextNow feature lets you use TextNow on all these devices.
The many platforms of TextNow (desktop, web, iOS, Android)

Wait… how does this secret multiple device feature work?

Glad you asked! TextNow doesn’t keep all that stuff on your device. This information is attached to your account and stored on our servers, so it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

My fascinating conversation on Android.

Let’s take an example (or use case as the engineers like to say). You’re at your friend’s place and you’ve forgotten your phone — it happens to the best of us — but you need to check your texts because you’re waiting to hear back from someone. No worries, grab your friend’s smartphone (ask first, I suppose) and download TextNow from the App Store for iOS, or the Play Store for Android, log into your account, and voila! Your messages will be waiting.

Or let’s take a real world example. Let’s say you have a thieving little dog who thinks anything longer than it is wide is a “bone” and therefore likes to “bury” it under cushions. (This has actually happened to me, more than once. Good thing he’s cute). Not to worry. Go to your trusty computer and open up a browser and sign into your TextNow account on our website at

And that same conversation on the web!

Presto! Your conversation is there!

Ok, but what if you’re allergic to browsers?

(I know that’s not a thing, just roll with it.) No worries, we got you covered. We have desktop versions for Windows and Mac too. (Sorry Linux.) The desktop versions are incredibly useful for people like me who spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of their computer. I can get my messages immediately, without interrupting my workflow. Productivity for the win!

By unchaining your calls and texting from one specific phone or device, TextNow is able to provide a feature that literally no-one else can. It’s all part of how we’re trying to make communication available for everyone, regardless of platform.

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