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At TextNow, we understand the importance of a phone number, so we do our best to make getting a free phone number easy. However, there isn’t an infinite amount of numbers. When an account is not in use we may recycle that number to make sure that we have enough for people who really need it. That leads to a question we get often: How do I keep my TextNow number?  Well the answer to this is also easy – although maybe not as well known.

There are two simple ways for you to make sure your TextNow number isn’t disabled.

1. Keep the number active!

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Simple right? Let me expand on that with some more details. Any number on a free WiFi-supported account runs the risk of expiring if the number is not used regularly. Why is that? you might ask. As we mentioned above, we don’t have an unlimited amount of phone numbers to give out and we want to make sure that the number on that account does not go to waste, especially in more popular area codes. A number on a dormant account may expire so it can be readied to give to an active subscriber to use.

The Specifics

We recommend you use your TextNow number for an outgoing call or text at least once every 2 days. While your number won’t necessarily expire after two days, every account and area code is different. So if you are adamant about keeping that number, make sure to stay active and don’t let your account become dormant.

Also be aware that incoming calls and texts do not count towards keeping your TextNow number active. There must be an indication that the account is in use, so an outgoing call or text is required.

2. Upgrade your subscription

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You can also keep your TextNow number by upgrading to any of our subscriptions. The best part is that there are many subscriptions to choose from – including free ones! As long as the subscription remains active you will not be in danger of having your number expire.

The Specifics

TextNow subscription options include Ad Free+ and Nationwide Talk and Text, with or without Data Add-ons. Our basic Nationwide Talk and Text option is completely free for those with an existing compatible phone. If you don’t have a compatible phone, you can purchase a SIM card or a new phone from our website.  Ad-free and data plan options start as low as $9.99/month.

There you have it. Two straightforward options that will allow you to keep your TextNow number for as long as you need to stay connected to the important people in your life!

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