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It’s that time of the year again- our offices are covered with festive decorations, days are getting shorter, and as we gather around a feast-adorned table with our loved ones, we are asked to give thanks. 

While Thanksgiving is a sacred time to spend with family, we can’t help but think about you- our customer. We’ve welcomed millions of you into the #TextNowFamily over the past decade, and like any family gathering, we’ve had our disagreements.

You wanted us to be more flexible at a time where we couldn’t be. We wanted you to give us more of your time when you weren’t always available. But as the years went by, and we welcomed more of you (and more of us) into our family, we feel like we’ve finally come to an agreement.

Our service is now available on more platforms than some of you know what to do with, we’ve kept our promise to keep texts and calls unlimited (and free), we’ve introduced picture, video, even GIF messaging to keep things light, and most importantly, we never stopped listening. And I am always thankful for what we hear:

Using this TextNow free service has been a blessing to me. I am a low income mother of 6 kids, having phone service isn’t in my budget I can’t afford it. So with that being said, this TextNow service is wonderful.  I can stay in contact with my family, make drs appts for kids or even myself, I absolutely love it!”
Jazzmine, IL

“With life on a roller coaster I haven’t had a chance to have minutes or a phone plan so this has been like a blessing cause as long as I have internet/wifi I am able to keep up with my kids and mom and brother “
Mark, IN

“TextNow has been a life saver for me and my family! We had been facing financial difficulties for the past couple of years. TextNow kept us connected without paying a bill, as long as we were under wifi we could check in. Thank you for being my way to stay in touch during the worst times of my life.”
Jamila, CA

We started this business as a simple app in 2009 as a means to avoid paying high cell phone bills, while remaining connected to those that mattered to us. We haven’t forgotten this vision, and as we move on to the next decade of meaningful technology in a couple of months, we want you to know that it’s a vision that is going to be put first: Help people stay connected for free, or as close to free as possible. Regardless of their ability to pay for wireless service. 

So we raise a glass to you- our customers. And give thanks for your support over the years, and look forward to a new year of possibilities, and endless free connections. 


Derek Ting. 

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  • I wish I had the money to get this but I can only do it with wifi

    • Hey Raymond! Thank you so much for your feedback.

      Our whole mission is to be able to provide phone service to everyone, even if they can’t afford it. So for now, even over Wi-Fi, you are still able to stay connected to friends, family, doctors, job opportunities, etc. And as we expand, that mission won’t change, don’t worry 🙂

  • I am thankful for you guys you are a good squad i am thankful for my family and life god bless

  • I would love to say thank you for all you done with TextNow an I love how it works

  • Yes you’re a blessing in my life as well and I tell all my friends how great a service you guys r thank you and happy thanksgiving to you and your family too

  • Do u do upgrades for phones that are wifi only

    • Hey Mimi!

      I’m very sorry, but I’m a little uncertain about the question. Are you asking about whether we sell phones without a service plan?

  • Thank you. Great service!

  • Yes, this is what our hawaii people are supposed to be,having the compassion (aloha) , your my only family this year, TextNow, since losing my family to Oahu’s new and unknown, Sindicate.
    For a heads-up, travel,Not,to this island of terror-like, hardly a people.
    happy Thanksgiving.
    mahalo Nui (thank you Very Much).

  • Text me now has been a real blessing in everyone’s lives including mine thks text me now

  • Thank you for helping everyone that can’t afford a phone happy Thanksgiving to you

  • This very helpful to me out work for two years can’t affordable a phone right now so I used my tablet and WiFi ti reach out

  • thanx guyz ,, with this app it holds u down wen time is rough,, Factz,,

  • I am happy to be able to have this service. And at times my phone get a kink in is wirering and deletes it. Before I would have to get a whole new number but now I get the same number back. Its so much easier that way. Thank You and Happy Holiday’s…

  • Thanks for this platform Text now, I am happy to be among the victorious family. Nice having text now as an option for a long run communicating with friends and family across the globe.


  • Its so good to know that being a disabled American worker i have you as my ace in the hole. When I dont have the funds to pay my mobile phone bill or they sent my payment to another account. You guys provide that life saving call. For instance my brother in law was silently dying from internal bleeding this holiday week. I had to CALL 911 and your services provided that life saving call… Thank you and God bless.

  • I am grateful for text now!with out it I’d be phoneless.

  • I can say that this is great service, too be free. Two Thumbs up.
    Text Now.

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