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Each year, we like to celebrate the beginning of a new school term. In some years, that may have meant discounting our phones, while in others, that meant surveying the parents of the office with their thoughts on getting their kids their first smartphone. This year, we thought we’d get back to what really matters: Staying connected.

Whether it’s your first time or tenth, we know that sending them off to school comes with its own moments of accomplishment and slight trepidation. Not having a point of contact for half of the day can seem daunting, but thankfully with today’s technology, it doesn’t have to be.

Staying connected without a phone

While some parents are still debating whether their child is ready for a smartphone, others know that even if it is- they simply can’t afford it. Because alongside that shiny new phone comes a monthly bill that frankly, can be better spent on groceries.

In a recent study run by the University of Phoenix, 86% of K-12 classrooms used computers. While those computers are mainly used for educational and research purposes, they can also be used for communication. Sure, you can set them up with their very own email address for those midday check-ins, but might we suggest something a little easier?

school friendly multi-device phone number
Access your number from any device!

With their own TextNow phone number, they’d be able to sign into their account on any computer and send a quick (or long) text to you. Added bonuses include but are not limited to: practice using technology, improved typing speed, comfort, confidence, and of course- your peace of mind.

Staying connected with a phone

Perhaps you’re a parent who did take the plunge and got them their first smartphone. Congratulations! You’re probably already on the top of their conversations list, but there is still one more thing we can help with.

Learning the best online practices at an early age can help with their relationship with technology later in life, and prevent sticky situations. So we’ve put together a simple chart you can use to teach them all about online safety:Do's and Don'ts of online communication

Learning never ends, and just as they’re in class learning more and more every day, the technology around them does too. So as you’re waving them goodbye on that first day, know that the resources in their classrooms can help in more ways than one. They can keep them informed, teach them new things, and most importantly- they can keep them connected with you.

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