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Independence should not be limited to the annual 4th of July celebrations. At TextNow, we have always believed in the freedom to have a phone number to use, without the strings of expensive bills or overage limits. But we wanted to know whether our customers believed in the same things too. So we asked them.

We sent out a survey to learn more about how and why our customers are using TextNow, and received some amazing responses. Below are just a few.

TextNow is there for you, when other services aren’t:

“It provides a way for those who cannot always afford to pay for a wireless carrier plan an opportunity to have a way to stay in contact with those who they consider close around them.”
“I am able to get in touch with people via wifi when I am unable to pay for another service. Thankfully free wifi is available at several locations in my area”
“TextNow was there for me, when no other service was.”

TextNow connects you with your loved ones:

“TextNow lets me contact my kids and family who live across the country for free”
“The ability to make calls and texts by wifi without having a phone plan/contract, it really helps out tremendously especially when you have no other way to contact or be reached by anyone”
“I like that i can keep in touch with family and friends for free or at a low cost”
“That I can have a way to talk to my kids when I can’t afford a phone service”

TextNow can help you get back on your feet:

“I am between jobs and don’t have money to put towards a phone plan. TextNow gives me a number so I can get back on my feet”

TextNow gives you a phone number, for free:

“It’s FREE and easy to use!”
“I can use it on multiple devices, and it’s free!”

TextNow started with a bold idea, and since has become a common solution for millions of users. We’re not trying to compete with the big guys in the industry, we’re just trying to help people connect using new technology that is free, or as close to free as possible.

If that wasn’t enough to interest you into becoming a TextNow user, try it out for yourself on your AndroidiOS or browser. After all… it is free

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