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I’ve been at TextNow for about four years now — in non-tech job terms, that’s sorta like being dying and being reincarnated into the same job three times in a row — and I have heard a lot of feedback from our customers in those four years. And one major thing that I hear time and time again is this:

“When will TextNow offer a plan that’s just talk and text?”

Well, as Van Halen famously said: Right now! We’re happy to announce a new plan which we call the Starter Plan, for only $9.99 a month.

What’s the TextNow Starter Plan? It’s an incredibly affordable alternative to a full data plan, and one that allows you to — wait for it — talk and text wherever you are, without the need for wifi. The Starter Plan doesn’t come with data, so while you can’t surf the internet while off wifi, you can still send and receive calls and texts from anywhere.

And without access to data, our Starter Plan is perfect for parents who need a phone for their kids but would prefer them not to have access to the internet, or for people (like myself) who have access to wifi constantly and don’t have much need for a data plan, or even just for people who don’t feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars a month for a phone.


And at $9.99, that’s less than the cost of Netflix per month! (That’s basically how I understand how much things cost, in terms of multiples of Netflix.)

Even better, there’s no catch. Just like all of our other plans, there’s no strings attached — you can cancel whenever you like, there’s no additional fees for activation or cancellation. Heck, no taxes, even! You give us $9.99, and we give you a service that will let you keep in contact with people wherever you are.

To find out more, check out our Starter Plan FAQ up on our Support site, or visit for more great deals.

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