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We all know that while stockings may be fun, they can be sometimes hard to…stuff. This holiday season, we’d like to help you stuff those stockings for your loved ones, and maybe keep enough in your wallet to get a little treat for yourself too 😉

Now, we have an overwhelming list of phone choices at TextNow, so we thought we’d simplify it for you with a makeshift holiday gift guide, so you can let us be the elves to your Santa.


The Perfect Gift For: That Tends-To-Drop-Everything Someone

Got a family member or friend whose fingers are constantly buttered? No worries, we have a lineup of affordable phones that won’t break the bank to replace (or fix) when the inevitable drop happens.

Take the LG Tribute Dynasty for an example:

LG Tribute Dynasty

It is currently on sale for $57.99, and still has all the specs that you would care for:

7.0 Nougat OS
16GB internal storage with a microSD slot for up to 32GB of extra storage
1.5GHz Octa-Core Processor

What does that all mean? It means that you can get your loved, albeit clumsy, one a smartphone with all the capabilities for liking, sharing, posting and keeping in touch without worrying about the bill for a phone replacement. After all, the holidays are all about accepting each other in spite of our flaws, right?

The Perfect Gift For: That “Let’s Take a Selfie” Someone

We all have that one friend or cousin who likes to document every moment of their lives on Instagram. One day, you’ll all look back fondly on those memories, right? Even at the one where your chin turned into triplets, but her hair was flawless…all cherished memories.

For that, we have the Apple iPhone 7:

Apple iPhone 7

Priced at $389.99, this phone is a steal once you look inside:

  • 1334 x 750 Resolution (LCD)
  • 12MP rear camera with and a front 7MP camera with FaceTime HD
  • 32GB Internal Storage

I don’t have to tell you what that means…but I will anyway. The camera resolution and support was tailored for the urban smartphone photographer, with an iCloud storage capability so that you can keep taking photos for a long, long time. It’s every selfie lover’s dream, and with a display this nice, they can discover all the shades of grey in the world.

The Perfect Gift For: That Teenager You’re Pretty Sure Still Lives Here

So your son or daughter likes to participate in after-school activities: always on the go, a quick appearance at dinnertime, and woosh! off they go again, chasing their dreams. You want to be able to keep in touch with them, and give them the freedom to accomplish everything they need to, without sacrificing their college tuition funds. Well, have we got the phone for you:

The LG Tribute HD is on for $79.99, and is packed with all the features an active young mind would want:

  • 5″ Display
  • 2,100 mAh removable battery
  • 16GB internal storage, with a microSD slot for up to an extra 64GB of storage

This is a sleek phone in a size that will fit their pockets, and a long lasting battery that might just outlast them. So go ahead and spoil them, they deserve it!

So far, we’ve covered the clumsy, the obsessive, and the deserving, but aren’t we forgetting about someone? Oh that’s right, we’re forgetting about youthe most important person of all. You’ve pored over the reviews and the guides and managed to get everyone on your list the perfect gifts. And a feat such as that deserves to be rewarded! Well, we’ve got a little reward for you…

Samsung S9

That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy S9: priced at $414.19, this phone is water-resistant, has 4GB of RAM, 2.8GHz processor, and a display that you won’t believe with your own eyes. Well, actually, you will..once you see it.

If you are worried about the pricing, we thought of that too. For a limited time, we are running a port-in promotion where you can receive up to $100 in rebate on any phone purchase when you port in an eligible wireless number. So all you have to do is make the switch, port in your number and we’ll refund you up to $100.

With a price like that, you can join all your friends and family members on a TextNow family plan and save up to $15/line a month, so your savings can keep piling up. What do you know, maybe with all the extra money, you can upgrade everyone to S9s next Christmas! (or maybe you can just take a hard earned vacation…away from everyone)

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