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Welcome to a series of spotlights on our customers! We’re using this blog to shine a light on some of our longtime users. If you have a story you’d like to share, please email [email protected] and you might be in the next Spotlight.

Congratulations to Luke, the winner of this year’s TextNow March Madness Contest! For his participation in our March Madness Contest, Luke received a free Motorola Moto E4, which he plans to review once he’s had a chance to try it out.

Luke - Contest Winner
Luke, March Madness contest winner

As a blogger and gamer, Luke enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge and opinions with others. He runs Captain’s Blog which he uses to write about technology, games and relevant news pieces.

So why TextNow? Luke explains that he’d had service with a larger carrier previously, but “$50 was too much for just a single person to pay every month so I decided to find an alternative.” His friend’s mom mentioned TextNow to him, so Luke decided to do some research and find out more about the services we had available. Luke’s been a TextNow customer for over 6 months now and has been able to pay less than half of what he was paying with his previous carrier.

Luke tells us that his favorite thing about TextNow is having the flexibility and choice to purchase a device from us or bring your own phone over for no charge. Plus, since he uses his data plan mainly for monitoring his social media channels and updating his followers, he’s been able to remain on one of our smaller data plans and still receive the service for all his needs.


TextNow box

Oh yeah, and did we mention that we love pets? Luke has a cat named Myo who we hope will get to play with the TextNow box we sent, once Luke has removed his new phone from it!

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