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Samsung Galaxy S7
The hard shiny exterior of the Samsung S7 hides a creamy Nougat center.

We have a mission here at TextNow: get the most affordable phones with the most affordable service into the hands of the most amount of people. And as our esteemed Valeria K. noted in her Show Your Depreciation article, the latest and greatest model of phone might be all flashy and new, but if the previous models do 95% of what the new one does… why spend the extra money?

The Samsung Galaxy 8 is the new hotness in the Samsung line-up. It will also run you about $700 to buy it without a contract. That’s a serious chunk of change even before you take your phone bill into consideration.

Which brings us to our Samsung Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7 Edge. Currently, we’re selling the Galaxy 7 for $249.99 (refurbished), and the Galaxy S7 Edge brand spankin’ new for $349.99. Rather than shell out seven bills, why not spend a fraction of the price on a phone that already has a truly amazing amount of features packed in?

In fact, there’s so many features crammed into the 7 and 7 Edge that most people never even know about all the cool, crazy things the phone can do. So here’s a little spotlight on some of the neat stuff you may not know about these nifty, affordable devices:

Private Mode

This was actually implemented in the Galaxy S6, but they’ve streamlined the mode between the S6 and S7. Basically, with Private Mode, you can select specific files in your Gallery (for pictures) and My Files (for everything else) and mark them Private, which means they are unable to be viewed at all when Private Mode is off. To set it up, go to your main Settings app and tap on Lock Screen & Security > Private Mode.

A visual representation of the abstract concept of privacy.

Split Screen

Another nifty feature of Samsung devices is the ability to run two apps at the same time in the same window, splitting the screen between top and bottom halves with one app running on each. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Tap on your Recent button (that’s the icon directly to the left of your home button on the bottom of your Samsung phone)
  • Tap and hold on one of the apps you’d like to open and drag it to the top bar that says Open in split screen view.
  • Tap on another recent app to open that app in the other half of the screen.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Settings Samsung Galaxy S7 Split Screen Samsung Galaxy S7 Recent Apps
Tap on Recent, drag an app to Open in split screen view, tap on another app on the bottom part of the screen, and voila! Two apps, one screen.

Night Clock

This is for the older readers who miss that calm, glowing blue light from their digital alarm clocks. The S7 Edge has a pretty cool curved screen that can be used for notifications and the like. One really neato thing is to use the curve as a night-time clock, a feature that luckily uses very little battery power. Here’s how to turn it on:

  • Tap on your main Settings app.
  • Tap on Edge Screen.
  • Select Night Clock.
  • Flip the switch to On.
  • Choose the time you would like the clock to appear and disappear.

Samsung Galaxy s7
Boy, that’s one “edgy” clock! Get it?

Use Your S7 To Let You Know Your Baby Is Crying Or The Door Is Ringing

This one sounds nuts, right? Here’s how it works: The Samsung S7 and S7 Edge have such advanced technology they’re able to detect the high pitches of a baby crying or a front doorbell, and alert you on your phone. Super useful if you have headphones on or have a bunch of people over to watch the game and you don’t want to miss the pizza delivery guy. Here’s how to turn it on:

  • Tap on your main Settings app
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on Hearing
  • Tap on Sound Detectors
  • Tap on the type of Sound Detector you’d like to use

Your phone will then guide you through the steps to set it up, along with a blurb about the limitations. Still, if it helps you never miss a pizza delivery again, isn’t it worth it?

Launch Your Camera Even Quicker

Samsung Galaxy S7 Quick Launch Camera
The shockingly useful Quick launch Camera feature switch!

This is a really simple tweak, but it’s surprising how few people know about it. While it’s pretty fast to swipe on the camera icon on the lock screen, it’s even faster to turn on Quick launch Camera in your Settings, which allows you to bring up the camera just by double-tapping the Home button. Even better, it works even when your phone is locked, and won’t allow access to your camera roll or previously saved pictures. It’s super easy to turn on too:

  • Tap on your main Settings app
  • Tap on Advanced features
  • Tap on Quick launch Camera to move the slider to the ON position.

Use Your Phone With One Hand

Samsung Galaxy S7 One-Handed Mode
Screenshot of my S7 running in One-Handed Mode

Another feature that will be insanely useful for very specific people and use cases. Basically, if you think the Samsung S7 screen is too big, or if you need your hand free to round up children or pets, or for whatever reason, you can set your phone up to adjust to one-handed use. In One-Handed Mode, the display screen shrinks to allow easier manipulation with just one hand. Really good name for the feature, I’d say. Very descriptive. Here’s now to turn it on:

  • Tap on your main Settings app
  • Tap on Advanced Features
  • Tap on One-Handed Mode

From there you can set up your phone to go to One-Handed Mode with a swipe, or by pressing the Home key three times.

Adapt Sound

This last tip is my fave, so I saved it for the end. For you audiophiles out there, Nougat has a fantastic feature that will fine-tune the sound output on your Samsung, so you can really kick that bass. I use this all the time and it’s honestly amazing. Here’s how it works:

  • Tap on your main Settings app
  • Tap on Sounds and Vibration
  • Tap on Sound Quality and Effects
  • Tap on Adapt Sound

Then, plug in your headphones and get to an area with an average amount of ambient noise, the kind of location where you’ll be using your headphones. Your phone will then play a series of tones — very much like a hearing test — and based on your responses it will fine-tune the equalization, customizing it to your specific headphones and ears. Seriously, give it a try, you’ll love it.

If all of this sounds awesome to you, as it should, check out our website for the latest deals!

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