We are excited to announce that TextNow will now be available through an online web app – check it out here: Simply enter your TextNow address (“”) and password into the login fields and you will instantly be logged into your TextNow account. You will find that all messages stay in-sync as you switch from to your iDevice so that you can carry on your conversations wherever you are!

Download TextNow on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

Let us know what you think of in the comments below!

  • Cindy

    This is so sweet! Thanks!

    • Gordon Evans

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the service.

  • Alivickers60

    how do i change my password or how do i recieve a message with my password on it.. i lost my password!

    • Gordon Evans

      Hey, you can request a password here;

      • Kaitebaby1608

        how?? ive tried multiple times and im just going in circles!!!!!!!!!

      • AlyssaAleman

        Hey r u going out to nigth if u r i will like to come

      • Alyssaaleman

        Hey r u in 6th grade

  • SheCo

    I like my Text Now app, but I would like to know how to send a text message with my pictures. When I send message with picture, only the picture sends. Also, how do you use the “smiles”? When
    I try to insert a smile I only get numbers and symbols.

    • Gordon Evans

      Make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version.

    • Kalolcuti

      Once you send the numbers and symbols, you will see the “smiles”

  • Santiholmes

    So, will there be a “forgot your password” feature? It’s an absolute necessity.

    • LillianaSL

      I agree. I forgot my password. How can we reset?

      • Alyssaaleman

        The apple people have to go in it

      • None Ya Hoe

        I’m not sure about with the app, but if you get on the website and you know your email that you made the account with, you can easily get a reset password link, and obviously you can reset it.

    • Alyssaaleman

      Yes u will forget your password. :)

    • Aerobar

      who cares

  • Alishap_247

    What is suppose to be the password?

  • Himanishah555

    i lost my password

  • Lilypurple235

    I forgot my password How do I receive the text with the password on it

    • Gordon Evans

      You can change your password within the application under your profile.

    • Anonymous

      We are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

      • Lisa Zhou

        This was a year ago, and you still haven’t finished working on a reset feature? I didn’t go onto my TextNow number on my Nook Color for a few weeks, and I didn’t receive any emails or notifications on that it will be released. I tried logging in, and it worked, but I couldn’t text or call anyone. I finally signed up for a new number, but it wouldn’t let me use my same email.

  • Rose

    This feature is GREAT! But it would be better if there was a section where we can put in like some sort of phonebook or somthing just as in the ipod app. Also it would be great if you can send pictures through the website just as in the app.

  • Brianna Shaw

    I forgot my password. What do I do??

    • Anonymous

      We are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

  • Joey_sie

    Where can I find my username?

    • Anonymous

      You username is located in the application profile (looks like a head). Click on the “texting address button” to reveal your username.

  • maryssa lindsey

    i like textnow it is the best because i get to text my grandma,mom,dad,pawpaw and my friends.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the support and have a great day.

  • meo

    I love text now. I use it on my iPod but for Christmas I got and iPad. I want to use the same number but I forgot my password. There should be a way to email it to u or something

    • Fatymorales

      Same here. I just can’t find the password or where to get it. Good luck!

      • Anonymous

        We are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

  • Rose

    Has anyone you’ve texted been complaining that they are getting charged fees for texting?

    • Gordon Evans

      Users should not incur texting fees beyond their regular text message service fees. Users outside of the US will be change long distance rates where applicable.

  • guest 45

    i lost my password and the support website does not answer my questions on how i get my password back

  • Kyleekpfk

    How do I change my username? or get a new one?

    • Anonymous

      This feature is currently not supported.

      • Blondyandpuzzle

        I bought an iPod touch that had already been used and so the texting address is still in his name! I would greatly appreciate if you could make it changeable :) thanks

        • TJlaryn

          same here i really would like to change it

  • Irasta2

    I use this app a bunch and would be more than happy to pay for it if it did not have the ads, i know they pay for the service but, when i use it in landscape i cant open the dialog box be cause the ad is in the way this is very annoying especially when i accidentally touch the ad. i am sure that is the way it was designed to get more clicks from your users.

    • Gordon Evans

      Hi, you can pay remove advertisements in the application under the “shopping cart icon”

  • katie

    can i stlll get on if i don’t have a (iphone, ipad etc.)???!!!

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, we do not yet support this as an option for online users.

  • Privateemail

    I can’t find a way to contact you, so I must let you know that someone has hacked a number you gave to my daughter and the number is sending horrible bullying messages to a girl in another state. If you post a way to contact you, I will send you the number for investigation. Thank you for your help in this matter.

    • Anonymous

      As we are unable to communicate directly on this forum, I am asking that you contact our support team here:

  • Adhdequalslove

    Will there be a “forgot your username” Feature??? because i did.

    • Anonymous

      We are looking into this. You can find your username in the mobile application under your “profile” (looks like a head).

  • Kevinavina817

    I forgot my username how can I find it

    • Gordon Evans

      Your username is located is your profile inside the application.

      • Kevin

        It’s not showing..

  • Marionkristel

    im trying to log in online, but every time it tells me to try again in a couple mins its getting annoying having tried to log in for about 3 hours

  • Tajah Younger

    i made one online and i cant find my username to log in?? help me please!

  • Calif4u


    • Tajah Younger works just the same!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the support! Have a great day!

    • Leahlou42


  • Bob

    WAY too much crashing.

  • matt malikowski

    i dropped my i pod 4 in the bath tub and its ruined, i went to go on the computer to log in but i dont remember my screename i used or password, Anything i can do?

    • Mcmorris3654

      the same thing happened to me

    • Unknown

      Sometimes the ipod or phone starts working again if you put it in rice. Idk if it always does put i have heard that from many places

  • Airbourne89

    why is it almost every other time i sign on it loses all the #s nd txt’s that i hav done nd it is hard to keep #s around bc i am depolyd


    i forgot my password anything i can do ??

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

  • Haley Fritz

    I forgot my password so i cant login on my computer. i think that there should be a email process to tell me my password.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

  • anon

    I have had the text now app on my iPod touch for several years now and I never registered for a password nor had the option too do so. Now that I am considering getting a new iPod or getting online to send text messages I can’t because I don’t know the old password that I never set or got??? I went to the forgot password section on the support page but I have to log in to that as well to make a ticket and I don’t have the right credentials because I never had a username or password with Enflick. I don’t know what the problem is but any help would be appreciated. I would just like a password please so I can get a new iPod and get messaging on the computer.

  • Snowflakemurphy

    Can your friends send you pictures to?

    • Anonymous

      They can, but this is not yet supported in the web client.

    • Palakverma

      yes they can.


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  • Emily Barlow11

    i tried to set my password but it said old password and then new pass idk what mi old oass was or iz i neva hav set it yet.?

    • Anonymous

      We are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

  • meghan

    can you get facebook on here. like the code

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately this is not currently supported.

  • Christian_0515

    I forgot my password how do I log in??? This is stupid. There should be a forgot you password? feature. Come on guys get up with it.

    • Anonymous

      We are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

  • Malibu2ride

    This is an awesome idea and concept, however it doesn’t give us any options for settings on .com

    • Anonymous

      Currently the online version is still in Beta, as we progress with it, more features will be added.

  • Jabariturner

    How do you find your username if you are login in and you forgot it

    • Anonymous

      You username is located in the TextNow profile page under the heading “Texting address”.

  • tori

    I really dont know my password!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Tori, we are currently working on this feature. Thanks for the support! Please contact our support team here: with this issue. They will help you reset your password. Thanks and have a great day!

      • wickedbrekelle

        I forgot my username and I have no idea what email I used for it ! :( HELP PLEASE !!

    • AlyssaAleman

      hey I am a 6th grader what grade r u in?

      • Allibear

        I’m in fifth grade

        • Jordan12

          You two are a little young for a account. It’s not very appropriate for your age. There is no parental watch so they don’t know everything your talking about!!!

          • Kenny 21

            Leave these kids alone its actually made for our age I think urbold enough for a phone

  • Branana

    I forgot my password… Is there an email or something you can use to retrieve it?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Branana, we are currently working on this feature. Thanks for the support! Please contact our support team here: with this issue. They will help you reset your password. Thanks and have a great day!

  • Daniela Torres34

    I Forgot My Password Wahh :( How Can I Get It Back??

    • Anonymous

      Hi Daniela, we are currently working on this feature. Thanks for the support! Please contact our support team here: with this issue. They will help you reset your password. Thanks and have a great day!

  • Dannybae

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    • Dannybae

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  • Thejose99

    I forgot my dang. Pass how do I reset it?!-.-

    • admin

      Please contact our support team here: with the issue you are having! Thanks and have a great day!

    • Anonymous

      We are currently working on a reset feature, but for now, we ask that you contact our support team here: – Thanks and have a great day.

    • Patel Reena331

      right! me too but i dont want to make a new one because all of my friends have me saved on that other number

  • Samanthadansere

    if i erase my mesages on the web will they still be on my ipod

    • admin

      All of your devices are synced through the one account. Any changes made in one place will be reflected on all other devices.

    • Anonymous

      Your devices are synced via your one account. Any actions taken on one device will be reflected on the rest of the devices including the web client.

  • yansickl

    how can you change your text now address?

  • Chriastinewilliamson

    if u lose ur password how do you get it back

  • Christinewilliamson

    i need some help

  • Christinewilliamson

    im so confused

  • Sweetazn318

    how do I apply my points for my enhancements, i.e., call forwarding

  • Carastout

    How can you find out who someone is that is sending you messages? The person who it may be would be in a violation of a legal protective order…..

  • Palakverma

    how can u send a pic

  • Palakverma

    there should be an icon for pics of course

  • Nick Moreno

    when you send a text to a person who is not using textnow, will they still get the message?

  • Hannahann913

    i need to know my pass word PLEASE i lost my phone soooo i need to know!!!

  • Bryanzav


  • silrod

    Can you send pictures with this? If so, I can’t find the option for it.

  • Matt_Huston_1987

    My username doesn’t work!!!!! HELP!!!

  • Idonthav1

    Um why did my texts stop poping up on my screen I have my notifications on

    • AlyssaAleman

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      eygtyugtyeteytg grt34utgekufhbkuweygfreitg gutrwkuertwiu gutgewi uygerftgeyigft.

  • Katy

    Hate how I don’t have phone numbers memorized so deletes all texts when I log off:( fix please!

  • Blaise193

    The website isn’t working for me. It just keeps on saying ‘loading’ but this has been happening for days .

  • Dino

    Every time I try to export my conversations to my email, Textnow closes out on me. Does anyone know any possible solutions?

  • Anneleb2014

    my textnow app isnt letting me go back to previous texts what do I do

  • Cookiesandcream1992

    dont know how to change my accounts

    • Bailey

      i forgot my passcode.whats yous ?

  • Forwinners168

    why i sent the message to my friend ,and she couldnt get it??
    and she sent me a message, when i replied it, i get another person to replied my message with one same numbe(the one she sent me the message)r??????? what’s going on?>>>>???

  • Forwinners168

    this is so fucking bad, dont even protect customers privacy

    • Angelkeepernow

      Why are you worried about privacy. If you weren’t fucking sneeking around you wouldn’t have to worry about it. So live right and you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    • Leahlou42

      I know right! WE are the customers and we deserve privacy! I mean, like, some stalker keeps getting my number and is texting me ALL THE TIME. I didn’t release my number to ANYBODY, and they still keep getting my number!

  • Karenbaybehxo

    its not letting me sign in , it says there is an error? help!

  • Feliciagl

    my number comes out private it how to undo this ?

  • Bre

    How do I log off my account?

  • Dionisio Batres

    Dude this fucking prostitute keeps hitting me up on this text nowme crap I’ve been trying to trace her Wtf if I start an account can I request da hoe and scope the hitches profile????? Let me know bc I don’t know this biatch n I want to know who da fuck she is !!!!!!

  • Bethaniejudd

    Can u get old messages back from like a month ago?

  • Sheffields_avenue7683

    i bought a used iPod and i dunno their password.. is there a way to reset everything?

  • Rachael

    love the web sight

  • Osuchick

    im trying the texting online and it gives me a few seconds and then logs me out how can i fix it?

  • Mgirl4451

    I dont want my texts to like pop up on my screen. It kinda get me annoyed

  • Prettyfacee Amina

    My messages dont pop up on my screen anymore and ma notifications are ON. How can I fix this

  • Liampaynelove

    i would like to know how to send pictures on this

  • Teriperdue

    Is there a charge to use

  • guest

    wats da website??

  • Smirts1234


  • How

    how can you find out other peoples names when using this because iam getting pranked by someone using this website

    • Leahlou42

      I know right! I want to figure out the name of some stalker that keeps texting me and he won’t stop!

  • Patel Mansi021

    I wish you could send photos through your computer!! That would be great if you can!! Please do so, cause i have a laptop that has a camera but i cant send any on

    • Taylor

      i know right

  • Tianabear

    how do you make contacts on a computer

  • Cmwork34

    How do I stop my texts from being exported to my email?

  • Jeperez1234

    How can i see texts that were send to me but got lost somewhere… Is it possible??

  • AlyssaAleman

    Hey my name is Alyssa what’s your name?

    • Nummay Tootle Kookay

      Keely (:

  • Alyssaaleman

    Hey my name is Alyssa

    • Angelkeepernow

      You need to stop sending texts to my husband.

      • Nummay Tootle Kookay

        What the heck Lady?!?!!?

      • Jordan12

        Agreed that’s not nice at all! It’s disrespectful to her and everyone else so I’m on Angelkeepernow’s side on this one!!

  • Alyssaaleman

    I am in 6 grader

  • Rtharp878071

    Here’s my number (406) 430-1536 text me(: (I’m a girl,name Rebecca)

    • Sydneybean123

      I texted you and you didn’t answer I called you and you didn’t answer

    • Jordan12

      Seriously giving out your number to the world. That’s irresponcible and not even close to mature. If your going to do that I don’t even think you should have an acount!

      • Blah

        You need to stop acting like you’re everyone’s parent. Stop stressing. It’s a textnow number. Not a real number. Meaning no one can track you down or some shit.

        • Nini Williams

          No one can track you down? Are you dense? They may not be able to track her down but seeing as she isn’t smart enough to give out her number to people she actually knows, what makes you think she’s smart enough to not give out information that can piece her personal information together? These pervs in this world are on the hunt, haven’t you seen the news? It’s not rocket science to keep a number private with those you know you can trust and it’s not hard to see that some people actually care like he does. Stop acting like a twat.

      • Guest


      • trishnevertoolate


  • Dirtysouthboss29

    Can You Recieve Pictures If You Are On Through A Computer? By That Person Replying To Your Number

    • Nart544

      I tried that and it didnt work for me at all. I cant send or recieve pictures :/

  • Nikitatizzard

    I like the site, It’s a good site.
    I wish It did have picture messaging.
    and Is there a way you can turn off the sound when getting messages?

  • Liryksmith

    it wont let me log in and i know my username and password i think can someone plz help me my # iz 774-224-2719 thank you just text me and i will get back to u or if u want to become my text buddy that will be great expecaly anyone from las cruses if u are a boy and the age of 13 or 14 hit me up

  • TJlaryn

    i bought a used ipod from my friend. she used textnow so her username is there. I would really like to change it please

  • Diana3marte

    Hey what do they mean by choose a number it doesnt let type up to 3 number

  • Raypersaud

    hi im ray my (289-335-6163) txt me !!

  • Allypancoast

    hey megan are we sleeping over tonight

  • Natalimartienez

    hi just sign in

  • Yoliv17

    I love those app I have on my iPod n it is really great i use it like evryday

  • Ryan Whiteman

    is there a age requirement

  • joe

    Are you ever going to be able to add contacts?

    • Barmasballerina

      Ya that would be nice

    • Jordan12

      You can’t on a laptop but on an Ipod or Iphone it will pull from your contacts.

    • m9eld

      Yes, it doesn’t store separate contacts from what your iphone/pad/pod stores. check your “Contacts” app. It links to those-

  • Andreville

    Impossible to even open this web page. It automatically kicks me to the app store. Very annoying.

  • Leahlou42

    I think this app is really cool, but then again, almost everything has a down side. I’m only a fourth grader, well, going into fifth, and I was just texting my friend on this one day and somehow some stalker got my number and was texting me bad things, swearing, and was being all abusive and stuff and they wouldn’t leave me alone! So, this is a really cool app and all, but I think it could definitely use some more privacy options

    • Jordan12

      Obviously if someone is doing that you shouldnt use that account anymore. You are a little young to using this site so I suggest you not anymore so you won’t get hurt.

  • Anytime_33

    Why was it showing the number of messages i had. But after doing something, to the text now server. It wont?

  • Bobbybouche

    Can people hack the pictures I send

  • Kungfusweetfeetwashere

    The text now app keeps crashing, if I delete it and then re install it will all my messages still be there?

  • Kelseybenoit1001

    I have one Now i can text ALL my friends cuz im 10 and dnt have a phone hah

  • GirlyJustinBieberFever

    HAHA JB! i texted him!!

  • Briana

    can i send pics?

  • Carolmom988

    Hello I’m me text this number 707-895-7785

  • Carolmom988

    Hello text this number 734-718-5280

    • Jordan12

      Seriously don’t give out your number so everyone that comes on can read it that’s imature and stupid. Your setting yourself up for serious trouble.

  • Jacassar

    Hi text this number 1-734-718-5280

  • Sharenkutzieh


  • Leary Quatashia

    how do u send picture message from a labtop

  • Musicislife

    question….I don’t have a username as far as I know what would it be??


    Why won’t it open

  • Maggie

    i only have my number but i cant remember my id and password, what can i do?

  • Bellagirl

    Every time i try to launch the app it closes after being in the loading screen for a couple of seconds. I would delete it and the reinstall it but i dont want to loose all of my messages. What should i do?

  • chocolate!

    This website doesn’t help me figure out who is texting me like it said it would on Google!

    • SJJG

      YEA, I would also like to know “WHO THE HECK IS TEXTING ME” How do I find out????? CRAZY STALKER IS FREAKING ME OUT, I NEED INFO PLEASE.Not only that,I dont even own a iPOD,they are texting my cell……

  • Nart554

    When using the Text Now account on the computer, how do you add a person’s name as a contact instead of a person’s number? (Btw, i dont have an iPod so any method that does not require one would be great! Could someone pplleeaassee help me out, I’m new with this) Thanks~~ :)

  • H Campbell427

    I’ve been using mine on the website without a problem for a while but all of a sudden when I try to log on it says “oops something went wrong, press okay to reload the page” and brings me back to the log in page. What gives?

  • monas19

    Some one is using textnow messages and sending me text messages without telling me his/her name. I don’t know how to find out who is that person? Have all my information as well.

  • Hooch520


  • Missaassiek

    I keep trying to log in on my laptop and I keeps saying “please try again in a few minutes” , is the server down? If so I need it fixed like ASAP

  • qwerty8520

    it would be nice if you didnt have to refresh the page to get a message

  • Monstergurl77

    Who wants to text???? 978 806 2766

  • Hjdjdke

    Can you have the same number on two different iPods for textnow

  • Zoeraelazar

    Its amazing I Have a I pod touch and the app it let’s you call now it’s like I have I real phone but they said that if u don’t have 3G or 4G and u use wifi it changes that so you can text any where and I mean any where it there was no catch I tried it and it didn’t work they totally lied but what do you expect I give it 4 stars

  • Jennyc12353

    When texting someone for the first time ever using Textnow, does it come up your number or will it say from;Text Now user?
    And if it does come up Text Now use, once the person programs your number and name into their phone, will it come up by their name?
    Please let me know, thanks!

  • Pelleteri85

    Will we be able to change contact names?

    • None Ya Hoe

      I have tried this, but as long as you’re using Text now online, you can not add contacts.

  • Jennygill

    If u download this app will u still have the old messages?

  • Bren


  • Alyssa Aleman2012

    I <3 1D

  • Rue

    so you can’t do it online ?

  • Nikkiee

    So are we ever going to be able to change our usernames? The site gave me one at random, I didn’t get to pick it out.

  • slut bag bitch!

    this is dumb ass hell! your guys app sucks! exspcially online! you dumb bitches! get a life… and a real job! this shit yu come up with dont even work.. you fake ass niggas! go drop dead!

  • t

    how do u call

  • flappers


  • Vanessa<3

    HELP! I replied to someone something important and sometimes the messages dont send so i click refresh to make sure they do, and it crashed and i tried logging in again but it says try again in a few minutes. I’ve been waiting like an hour, what do i do!!!

  • Joe

    its not working on my computer. it lags out to the sign in screne whenever i start to type a message. please fix this at your earliest convenice :)

  • dakota

    can you send pis

  • Kmp

    Why isn’t the picture messaging nit working??

  • Katlyn Mulch

    how do you change the name of the people?

  • Meaghan C.

    Can we Look up people on

  • Adarelylovesyou

    How do you send pictures from your textnow account when you are on your computer?

  • asd

    i like poop

  • asd


  • asd


  • asd

    Santonio holms sucks

  • n0va59

    Just started using it today but it seems to work great…simple and straight forward….thanks…solves a lot of problems for me :)

  • kheilez<3_143

    how yu change the name on the contactss yooo ????

  • Melinda

    Okay so I cant save contacts. I have this App for my Nook Color. Everytime I open up the app it saysthat push wil not work. Whats push?

  • Jasmine Rodales


  • Charlene

    How do i send pictures through my computer, to a phone

  • Niki

    How can you make your phone private?

  • doglover

    Is there any way you can set a profile picture?

  • Ocddancer

    The app is not working like it will not open and I don’t know how to fix it…?

  • anonymus

    On the app it doesn’t show a full long message and it doesn’ t have a contact list. How do you upgrade it?

  • ray stewart

    hey this is great, could you add a way to view your contacts though, so i dont have to remember everyones number

  • MEH

    how the heck do i send a picture on

  • Rachel_Sssssstory

    What if text now wont let me send messages im clicking send but its not sending at all.

  • d man racks

    how do i put contacts on it

  • Cierra

    is there a way to load previous messages from your pc

  • BanditPanda

    So, I used to now have problems with this website, but now…
    Everytime I log in, I have to refresh the page each time to receive a message. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING.
    And it hasn’t happen to me before.
    Recieved texts only show up one by one as I refresh the page….What’s wrong with it??

  • sarena

    It won’t let me send a message. It keeps saying that the contsct that I want to send a messaage to is invalid

  • anonomous

    Everytime I try to send a message text now says unfortunately text now has stopped. Please help me please please please!

    • Jenny

      Do you have a nook? The same thing happened to me!

  • Jenny

    I have a nook and I can’t text because I don’t have a contacts app. I tried asking many people but they can never give me an answer… Also, everytime I try to send a message, it says unfortunately, text now has stopped… can anyone help me?? Thanks :)

  • Jacob Geiger

    It’s the best texting program I’ve come across.:]

  • brianna

    i need to find my recent numbers or reload more messages to get a number i havent deleted them help!

  • Bob

    There’s no option to change my back around

  • T

    I reset my password but can’t login because its telling me “authentication failed”

  • A

    If you are signed out of th app and someone sends a message does it come through when you sign back in?

  • Jess

    I have no idea how to answer the phone!!!!!!!!

  • Sup bro

    What do you do agin

  • pablo padro

    really never works when on my pc just keeps telling me to refresh. its getting old

  • EricShowalter

    can I send pictures?

  • Callie Sahli

    Trying to get into textnow on my computer…. Keeps saying it won’t load, even though it’s worked up until now……..

  • tabby

    text now is good if you have wifi at home, because whats the point of paying 2 bills if you can get one for free. like i said if u have wifif its great to use cuz u get da free textin. mkay my opinion ,. thanks byeee

  • anjaliestlouis

    how do i take off the sent from textnow message at the end?

  • DavisLover101

    I use TextNow on my laptop but how can I call someone???


    my friend can’t text me to the “ how come? It says this can also be used to receive text messages

  • Patrick Fullbright

    Why do you need this

  • Patrick Fullbright

    My mom farts in her sleep. HA HA HA!

  • Patrick Fullbright

    Why do you need this?

  • ashley

    i really wanna change my username but i don’t know how to … HELP ..?

  • Deadprincess72

    You should be able to send pictures through the online app.

  • katie

    im using a computer for textnow and its saying the application couldn’t load . how can I fix this ?

  • cheyenne nicole

    How do i send pics from my desktop threw textnow ?

  • courtney

    y isn’t it working??

  • um not allowed to put

    I forgot my password email and username what do I do well I remember my email but that account doesn’t work anymore I have really important info on there HELP!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO???????????? the email I use for this is my moms email

  • pandabutt0205

    help me plz plz plz plz I forgot may username and password and my email doesn’t work

  • pandabutt0205

    anybody plz help me @5e3990e80d49599cdd4238a36b5b7e88:disqus

  • Harmon

    My text now wont load and I cant talk to any one! this is on my computer and it has been going on for a week, please some one help

  • LOLA

    if you CHANGE YOUR password on the computer will it sign you out of other devices?

  • popstar09084

    Hey people

  • zoe

    On the computer, when I close the textnow website tab, will I still receive messages and be able to see them when I open it back up?

  • Craig Arabie

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO IS. They say that they are a friend,but I want to know whoit is.

  • haley

    If i change my password on textnow, will it log me out on other devices?

  • cupcake

    how to i turn off the volume for the website?

  • megan_parkerfamily

    i tried logging into mine but it’s not loading up. I tried reseting my password but it wont load up after that. What could be the problem??? PLEASE HELP!!

  • ubuhuhuh

    my text are not going through whats wrong with it?

  • stella

    their should be a password hint, please put that!

  • q.s

    textnow isnt allowing me to create an account what do i do?

  • Aerobar


  • lissamar

    If i were to login to my text ow account my computer will it delete me entire conversations?

  • VictoriaandDenver Posey

    Is there a way to retrieve deleted textnow messages that is on a nook hd

  • ghfdhdf


  • ghfdhdf


  • Charity