TextNow 4.4 – Free Calling For Everyone!


TextNow is a free application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that is available for download from the Apple iTunes store. With our latest version, we’ve fixed some of those pesky bugs that have been laying around as well as included some very exciting enhancements.



First off, we are very proud to announce FREE VOICE CALLING for all iOS devices! Beginning this week, all TextNow users will be granted access to TextNow+Voice (previously $29.99/Year) with absolutely no need to upgrade. 
You’re likely wondering how we can provide this service at no cost. Well, the first thing we’ve done is expand our TextNow credit system to give users the access to thousands of new credit earning options. For example, signing up for Netflix earns a user 817 credits while watching a short 15-second video earns them between 3 and 10 credits. Every credit earned counts as one minute towards a user’s calling account and most of the offers cost absolutely nothing to participate in. Initially implemented to give users free access to additional TextNow enhancements, the credit system has seen incredible success and will now give everyone the ability to make free phone calls, from their real phone number. Don’t want to build up credits before hand, no problem, users can also simply place a call, watch an advertisement and then instantly be connected.



When you first login to TextNow 4.4, you will notice that we’ve improved the look and feel of the application.

A new name, cleaner and crisper icons and a more intuitive way to navigate around. Don’t worry though, we haven’t changed how easy it is to stay in contact with your friends and family and all of your conversations will be listed for you as they were before.

Need to make a call?  Simply click the telephone or dialer icon at the top of the screen.  Need to send out an important Text Message to your buddies to hook up for coffee?  That’s easy!  Just click on the text bubble.  Option icons along the bottom of the main screen remain relatively the same. A single click to review application options, your profile details, in-app store and help and support.



Although voice calling isn’t necessarily something new for TextNow, it’s been improved in TextNow 4.4, and it’s now also available on your iPad!

You can now use your iPad or iPad 2 to make and receive phone calls the same way that you’re used to on your iPhone or iPod Touch. We’ve also taken the time to upgrade our dialer to make it that much easier for you to quickly and easily make those important calls.

Have you found yourself low on minutes and not able to make any calls?  With TextNow 4.4 we’ve introduced a new way to earn credits to purchased minutes. You can simply watch short videos that earn you credits for free.  Credits can be used for calling minutes, remove ads or enhance your TextNow experience with sound packs or wallpaper!



Using TextNow on multiple devices? Although not new in TextNow 4.4, we wanted to you remind you of something very handy if you use multiple devices.  Signing in with the same TextNow account on multiple devices gives you a synchronized view of all of your conversations.  Both incoming and outgoing messages appear on all of your devices so you can always switch from one to the other without a problem.



TextNow 4.4 is now live in the iTunes App Store. Open the App Store from your device and install the update!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for checking out the Blog!

    • sofia

      can i call with textnow from my laptop? i called my number from another phone but it did not ring and i got a missed call notification. how can i access the dialler?

      • Biaforever

        Go into advanced settings! ;)

  • Skyheart

    On my Text now I can’t see the Dialer,???

    • jocelyn

      of course u cant cause your stupid

      • mo mo

        And you’re a loser! Don’t think you can just say what you want and get away with it! You never know who has a voodoo doll of you and your ignorant ways!

  • Bryan

    Is there any way turn off the voice calling?

  • JoJo

    How do the credits work? Is it one credit per min, or one credit per call?

    • Zach

      One credit per minute.

    • G_stephanie21

      One Credit Per Minute

  • Ameena

    i like this app

  • Ameena

    my nigger

  • Anon

    Is there a way to turn off the voice calling? I keep calling people on accident, and it’s starting to irritate me and the people getting the calls

  • Katie

    Mine won’t call it keeps saying registering

    • admin

      Thanks for the support! Please contact our support team here: http://support.textnow.com with any issue you are having! Thanks and have a great day!

  • Awesome2012

    why is it not letting me call anyone, even if i have credits?!!! It says unable to register everytime!!

    • Emmii Marie

      you have to check your email silly gooss ;p

    • Christine Chidwick

      hi ?

  • Patel Mansi021

    How can you send pics or call from the website????????????

  • Patel Mansi021

    u can send pics on textree y not textnow?

  • Rafe

    It is a really cool app but i dont have visa,masteracrd or something just paypal and i cant buy any credits :(

    • Biaforever

      U can earn credits and if that’s not enough buy a prepaid visa! ;)

  • Jenna

    My text now wont let me type messages and send them its very slow every other app i have still works the same so its not my ipod.

  • Heather11rawson

    If you don’t use your textnow for a month or so does the number go to another person?

    • Heidiroxx

      No u will still have it they will just give u a notice

  • G_stephanie21

    I Can Call But I Can’t Receive Calls. What Is Wrong?

    • HeidiRoxx

      on my kinde fire i can recive calls so u should be able to

  • Highsmithlxs

    It won’t count my calling credits. I watch the videos and stuff and it won’t count any of it. It’s really frustruating

  • Sayitinstitch

    Can i trace a number that is texting me unwanted messages

    • Biaforever

      No but u can block them by texting #STOP all caps! ;)

  • Hastanz

    Can you receive videos when sent to your textnow address (username@textnow.me)?

  • Joccsavage203

    Everytime I try to make a call it says registering and then display a message that says error unable to place this call at this time

  • Jackson Flecshaney

    i really do like how it takes my credits

  • flickr

    i have minutes but it wont let me make any calls everytime i try to make calls…it gives me 3 beeps :( helpppp

  • Aira

    Every time I make a call or receive a call the call only lasts for 20 seconds and then all sound is gone.. I thought that problem was fixed? It gets really annoying after so long.

  • george

    i cant find this on my app store? why?

  • xnxn

    Should I get it?

  • Antonio

    It’s not updating any of my credit for me to use the voice calling.

  • modesta

    hey whats up

  • Jessica

    Is it free to call other people who have textnow or does it use your credits

    • Biaforever


  • rob hibdon

    how do i video chat on my laptop

  • max

    When someone calls my textnow number, I don’t hear the ring. I just get a message saying someone just called me. Please advise.

    • Kariema

      You have to accept the call but before that find earphones that have a mini microphone piece in them :)

    • Biaforever

      Go into setting then click notifications then click on textnow and turn it on and then have someone call to see if it works! ;) let me know if this helps!

  • Pooha bear360

    I need to find some one on there that has one. But idl how to find them

  • lynne

    Does text now calling show on your cellular bill?

    • tsays

      no its free !!

  • http://twitter.com/NiallsTribe ✞♡ Amanica✞♡

    what happen if someone call me from their phone and i don’t pick up does it say its a text now number or something else

  • V-

    It doesnt ring or connect when i have a incoming call anymore and it doesnt let me know when i have a missed call..

  • jainory

    Why can’t I download it on my mini tablet ?

    • Ra831

      I’m having tablet problems to can’t find the voicemail section to record my voice would u happen to have a clue?

  • humayun59

    when i dial the dialer says registering please help

  • Ra831

    How do I record my voicemail on my tablet?

  • Ra831

    I was wondering how to record my voice for my voicemail on my tablet I can’t seem to find the voicemail section.

  • Ayanna


  • tati valladares

    I have this on my laptop i cant call :C

    • Biaforever

      youll need a apple computer!

  • Tank

    I’ve got it to call but I can’t here the person calling me?????? Why can’t if hear the other person calling the iPad?????

  • Denise Esquivel

    can I use it with my laptop hp?

  • bubbles2go

    i have acer laptop and an android virgin mobile fone do these products not go along wit the free calling? i have looked it up and tried to find out how to is there no way around it i can txt which is great but free calling would be amazing someone please help

  • dsel

    When i call it don’t work

  • Abrar

    Can i call from the computer instead of just texting

    • Biaforever

      Only if u have a apple computer! ;)

  • Alllleexxx

    sooo you don’t have to pay at all for it?

  • Hernandez

    I have a galaxy s and my girlfriend has an ipod, would i cost me money if she called me off this app?

  • nikkiherxoxo

    I can call and text and all that stuff but when people call me, it says “your call cannot be completed at this time.” i tried calling with several other phones but it says the same thing.

  • shayla jackson

    how you make a account

  • Joseph

    Hey, I found this from a friend, but because I don’t have an Iphone or Ipod Touch, I’ve just been using the website to text from my computer. First of all, this works great. Secondly, do you think there can eventually be a way to call through the computer one?

  • Erick

    How can i check my missed calls? Because i got a call but couldnt answer but when i unlocked my ipod the number that called me didnt show up and im in need of that number

  • Christine Chidwick

    hi ? to all ? im new here !

  • Christine Chidwick

    any one wants to know with me :)

  • Precious

    My text now won’t make calls it says regeristing but I have 129 Mins on it,

  • Ggcoralysp

    Does paid minutes expired? I bought 100 minutes a couple of months ago. I used some of them. Also got some of them for free for videos I saw. Today I had only 13. Why? Do the paid ones expired or something?

  • maddie

    everytime someone texts me it says its a landline how do i change that?

  • Tracey

    When Is the Text now Cellphone coming out? I heard on the website that a cell was coming soon

  • nikkisprinkles

    Can you accept calls from a computer?

    • Biaforever

      Only of u have an apple computer!

  • Lexi McCauley

    how do I make a call at all?

  • paricla

    I have text now on my computer because i lost my phone… can recieve calls or call anyone?

  • Frustrated

    My boyfriend and I are trying to call each other (we both have the most recent version of textnow) but it won’t let us place the call. All I see is “registering” and then I get a notice that the call can’t be placed at this time. What’s wrong?

  • Kala

    If you purchase a phone from text now and you use up all your voice minutes how do u get more ??

  • Shaunda

    I have credits but its not letting me call . What do I do ?

  • kylee-ann

    Can you use textnow+ voice on ur compurer/laptop???

  • jj

    my text now won’t stop ringing!!!!!!! help!!!

  • jellybean

    it is ringing when nobody calls

  • Jake

    If someone calls me will that use up my minutes? Or is it free?

    • Biaforever

      incoming calls are free and so are calls to other textnow users! ;)

  • kaye

    How can I call people on text now with a laptop?

  • i need help

    I cannot figure out how to make calls. I cannot hear when somebody wants me a voicemail. What is wrong?

  • google play

    how do you find text now friends or users?

  • Veronica

    I have an account & i was using it on 2 devices on an iPod & on a iPhone at thu same time. I returned thu iPod but i didnt have time to sign out. From my iphone i changed my password. If they try to go on my account will it ask them to put new password ?

  • Kim

    I can’t hear when I call someone on the app why?

  • hope

    Does it use my mins when someone calls me??

  • aissata

    im not recieving call any more but it shows up someone called what do i do to fix it plez help asap

  • kymykat

    wow thats awesome

  • Garycd

    Does calling textnow from a ladnline count as long distance?

  • yesell88

    can i text to you people

  • Chastity

    Is the calling for free?What are the credits for?

  • Maria

    Horrible after the upgrade

  • neeya james

    Text now does not use my credits it’s like it gives me unlimited calls why ? Because of this will it show up on my bill???

  • bob

    How to I find someones phone number for textnow??

  • savannah

    Is it free when someone calls me and I dont call them

    • Biaforever


  • Aya

    how do you earn cred online at http://www.textnow.com ??

  • Biaforever

    My friend went on vacation in Asia and I have textnow so it won’t cost me money to text her but will it cost her money?

  • chanel

    This morning my text now app stopped letting me hear ppl on the other end of the phone! I’m not sure why it’s doing this?? I’ve tried everything and still can’t hear !

  • Cortezissues

    I’m trying to text my friend but when I put her number in the address bar her number turns red and I can’t text her and it’s ONLY her number that’s doing it. How can I fix this?