New Feature: Customize Your Own Voicemail Greeting!

We’re proud to announce an awesome new feature in TextNow: the ability to customize your own voicemail greeting.

A several months ago we introduced free calling and free voicemail. However, when your friends reach your voicemail, they are greeted with a boring voicemail greeting.

Not anymore, you can now record your own voicemail greeting so your friends can hear you before they leave a voicemail.

Below, we will show you how to record your own voicemail greeting with the latest version of TextNow + Voice for iOS (4.4.10).

First, go to ‘Settings’ by tapping on the gear cog by the bottom left of the app.

Once you are in ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Voicemail’.

Once you are in ‘Voicemail Settings’, tap ‘Custom Greeting’. Afterwards, an audio recorder will appear near the bottom. Tap on the red record button to start recording your new voicemail greeting. Once you are finished, tap the red stop button. You can hit the play button to playback your recording. If you are unhappy with your recording, you can tap ‘New Recording’ to start over. Once you are happy with your recording, tap ‘Save’.

Voila! You have set your own new voicemail greeting. Now get your friends to call your TextNow phone number and see if they hear the new greeting.

If you have any questions or ran into any issues, feel free to reach out to our support team at

Happy Texting! :)

Happy 19th Birthday Text Messaging

It’s hard to believe but it has been just over 19 years since the first text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone, and 18 years since the first phones were produced that allowed people to send text messages to one another.  These days, text messaging is so common and widespread (especially among the younger generation) that it is hard to think of a time when it did not exist.

With text messaging, language has evolved as well.  Who hasn’t heard of LOL, a word which has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (and which doesn’t mean Lots of Love, as some people think).

Let us know what you think of the infographic.  How often do you text?  Do you text more than you phone?   Give us all your text-related comments and opinions in the comments section below. ROTFL!  Cya!


TextNow – Best App of 2011

TextNow is the world’s leading FREE and UNLIMITED texting and calling solution for the iOS platform. Leading the mobile industry in rich features and server technology, this year TextNow introduced some of the most exciting enhancements the mobile communication world has ever seen!

Some of these improvements include:

  • Free Calling for All TextNow Users – Earn Credits or Place Ad-Supported Calls
  • A Beautifully Redesigned iPad App- Now with Free Calling
  • A Free Phone Number for Every User
  • Local Canadian Phone Numbers with a Huge Selection of Area Codes
  • Launch of – Sign into your TextNow Account Anywhere!
  • A Rebuild of our Server Technologies to Make TextNow Even More Reliable

All of these enhancements have been made with our users in mind – We want to make your experience with TextNow more enjoyable and even richer. Not only do we appreciate the loyalty and all of the feedback that our users have shown, we promise to continue to listen to everything you have to say and in turn provide any and all improvements and enhancements where possible!

If you believe TextNow is the Best Mobile App of 2011, PLEASE CLICK the nomination button below and don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter!

Say No To Texting While Driving!

As mobile phones have become an everyday accessory (and practical necessity), their capabilities have gone beyond calling to allow for options like texting, emailing, internet surfing and more. Have you ever sat at a stoplight and counted the number of drivers talking on their cell phones? Now consider the number of drivers that are taking their eyes off the road to text – Continue reading

World’s Fastest Texter

Break a World Record – Win an iPod Touch

A world record is defined as the best global performance ever recorded in any verified skill or sport. These achievements often range from the best and worst human achievements, to extremes in the natural world and beyond. Recently we heard that the someone had broken the world record for fastest texting and we got an idea…

Why not invite YOUThe TextNow Nation, to try and break the record yourselves – And then we thought, why not give away an iPod touch while were at it!

To break the world record, Guinness requires you to text the following phrase in 25.94 seconds or less:

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.”

So do you have what it takes – Are you ready for the fame, fortune and glory of being a world record holder?

Contest Rules:

  1. Create a video of you typing the phrase above in the TextNow application. Post the video on YouTube and name it “TextNow’s Fastest Texter – Record Breaking Attempt”. * NOTE: Please make sure there is some sort of stop watch in your video so that we can keep track of the time!
  2. Share the video with your friends and family – The video with the most views by December 20th will win a Brand New iPod Touch!
  3. You can also enter the fastest texter giveaway for 5000 TextNow credits by posting your video on the TextNow facebook page. These Credits can be used to both unlock TextNow enhancements as well as place ad-free phone calls.

That’s it! So what are you waiting for?! - Go break a world record!

If you think you have beaten the record, please contact Guinness World Records. All officially recognized Guinness World Records attempts start by completing and submitting an application accessible HERE.

Please visit Guinness World Records Web site in order to receive record guidelines and other important record-specific information.

For any questions, find me on twitter: @gjrevans